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Payment and refund policy

We always ensure to provide you with fresh harvest, great quality products. We can guarantee you that we do our due diligence by inspecting all of our items prior to delivery to ensure that standard is up to code. However there will be circumstances where the quality of some of our products may not be to your liking or may have been accidentally overlooked. If an occasion such as this occur upon arrival of your order, please inform our staff on delivery so that we can immediately attend to the matter and resolve the issue. For any item found to be questionable in quality after delivery, we will greatly appreciate if you’ll fill out our Delivery Feedback Form below together with a clear photos of the product so that we can attend to the issue immediately. We will be happy to provide you a replacement pending an investigation.

Due to the nature of our business and sensitivity of the products that we carry, we will only entertain exchanges and returns within two (2) days from delivery date. For items with issues that we have no control, such as fruit with internal defects (granted an unblemished exterior), please understand that we are unable to accommodate returns.