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Chef Jose
San Jose

Chef Jose – A vision, a brand and a culture Chef Jose, being one of the pioneer consortium of Philippine cooperativism, is best defined as a consortium with a vision, a brand, and a culture. Chef Jose is a vision that aspires to be a leading mo. . .

Binhi Philippines Digital Marketplace
Metro Manila

Binhi [bin-hî] - a seed from which anything grows. It can also be the beginning or start of life. A symbolism of hope. A hope that our Philippine Agriculture can become a game changer for our farmers.

All Seasons Nature Farms

Naturally-grown meats, eggs, fruits, and veggies. Absolutely no growth enhancers or antibiotics. Consolidating produce from disenfranchised farmers and connecting them to markets.

Doxa Zoe, Inc.
Metro Manila

Doxa Zoe, Inc. is an importer and distributor of organic and natural fertilizer in the Philippines.

Native Animals Farmers Agriculture Cooperative

NAFAC is a cooperative based in the Philippines formed by 30+ Filipino native animal farmers in July 2017. What makes us unique from other agriculture cooperatives lies in our mission to protect and promote species of animals found only in the Ph. . .