Luntiang Republika Ecofarms Corporation

Eduardo Ballesteros Cleofe | President | 09177209720

The story of Luntiang Republika Ecofarms started in July 2011 when what seemed to be providence, an opportunity presented itself when a close friend invited us to acquire a small patch of land. After years of looking, we finally found what we had in mind. In less than a year’s time, we have transformed the once lush jungle into a collection of fruit/indigenous trees and vegetables patches carpeting the land. They are all grown naturally without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. While we wanted to retain the natural environment as much as possible, we have slowly added livable spaces and essential comforts to make the stay as blissful as can be. The farm is still a work in progress but is slowly transforming into what we envision it to be. We would like to think that we are artists and the farmscape is our canvas.

26 Items found
Spanish Style Sardines 150 grams
₱ 140.00 / bottle
Sinaing na Tulingan 450 grams
₱ 300.00 / bottle
Raw HONEY Wild Bees 240 ml
₱ 300.00 / bottle
Powdered Turmeric
₱ 160.00 / bottle
Powdered Malunggay Leaves
₱ 150.00 / bottle
Muscovado Sugar 500 grams
₱ 160.00 / pack
Ginataang Santol 200 grams
₱ 140.00 / bottle
Ginataang Alamang 200 grams
₱ 100.00 / bottle
Coconut Sap Sugar 1000 grams
₱ 500.00 / pack
Coconut Liquid AMINOS 325 ml
₱ 210.00 / bottle